Internships at Mount Rainier National Park

Summer 2022 Full Session
Sophomore - Graduate
Class Size: 4
4 Credits per quarter
Variable credit options, see below
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Two to four intern positions at Mount Rainier National Park will be available for summer 2022. Typically, there is one in aquatic ecology, one in ecological restoration (plants), one with the Paradise backcountry rangers, and one in archaeology. Positions flux from year to year based on funding and housing availability.

The aquatic ecology intern assists in the study, inventory and management of aquatic, terrestrial, atmospheric, and wilderness resources. Work in aquatic ecology includes lake, stream, amphibian, fish and invertebrate surveys, and the collection and analysis of lake and stream samples.

The ecological restoration intern assists in the identification of invasive and native plants, GIS mapping of invasives, invasive plant management through manual and chemical means, and revegetation with native plants.

The Paradise intern works at the Paradise Wilderness Information Center, interacting with park visitors, many of whom are climbers registering for summit attempts. Half of the internship is in the field, supporting various monitoring and management efforts in Mount Rainier’s wilderness, including backcountry patrols.

The archaeology intern assists with archaeological surveys, subsurface testing, construction monitoring, lab and office work. They will learn archaeological field methods, artifact processing and cataloguing, artifact and feature identification, soil descriptions, and GIS mapping.

Interns must be current Evergreen undergraduate or graduate students and must register for an Internship Learning Contract for between 4 and 16 credits. The internship begins Monday June 13 and ends on Friday September 9. Interns work 40 hours per week and must serve for the entire 13-week period, regardless of the number of credits for which they have registered. The stipend for the internship is $2,500. Housing valued at $600 is provided within or near the park.

To apply, submit a letter of interest and a resume with 2-3 references, at least one of which is from an Evergreen faculty member, to Jeff Antonelis-Lapp at Letters of recommendation are not required. The application deadline is midnight Friday, February 18, 2022. Finalists will be interviewed in early March with selections made shortly thereafter. For questions or additional information, contact Jeff Antonelis-Lapp.


Summer 2022 Registration

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These internships are competitive and students must apply and be selected.

Academic details

Preparatory For

Natural and Life Sciences, Environmental Studies

Variable Credit Options

As noted, students must register for any number of credits between 4 and 16.

Maximum Enrollment
Class Standing
Special Expenses

Students must provide their own backpacking/outdoor equipment as required for their position (backpack, boots, raingear, etc.) Where applicable, uniforms are provided.

Upper Division Science Credit

Upper division science credit may be earned by the aquatics and ecological restoration interns; upper division credit is generally not available to the other positions.


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