Innovation Mindset for Business Success

Winter 2022
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 35
4 Credits per quarter
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Design thinking is a multidisciplinary creative problem-solving tool to create world-changing products and services to tackle the most complex challenges of our time. This course will be a hands-on introduction to design thinking. You will leave the course equipped with the valuable skills and creative confidence to tackle complex problems in the real world.

This class will ask students to work in multi-disciplinary teams from all fields to collaborate to solve a complex problem:the challenge theme in this class is to design the future of social media platforms and come up with innovative solutions that will help foster more meaningful experiences for people and prevent mass social level manipulation. Our class will provide many opportunities to practice a series of fast pitches to present solutions and prototypes worked on during the quarter.

This course will be on-line (using Zoom, and other communication tools for sharing videos, live-audios, and other information, engaging in live small group activities and hands-on projects, and posting your work). To successfully participate in this program students will need a computer and internet access. The faculty will offer alternative assignments if extenuating circumstances prevent students from accessing our synchronous meetings, which will allow students to earn comparable credit.

Skills to be covered:

Questions to be explored:

  • conducting interviews and observations

  • generating ideas through techniques like brainstorming

  • rapid prototyping with sketches and digital materials

  • collaborating with individuals in teams and other diverse communities

  • learning how to give and receive feedback

  • presentation and communication skills

  • Where do great ideas come from?

  • How can you increase your imagination?

  • How can you create innovations that are meaningful to people?


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Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Product Design, Design Innovation, User Experience (UX) Research, User Interviewing, Customer Needs Research, Social Media Marketing, Teaching, Consulting

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