Indigenous Art/Contemporary Times

Summer 2019 Full Session
Day and Weekend
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 40
16 Credits per quarter
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The Fiber Arts Studio and Carving Studio of the Indigenous Arts Campus offers the following coordinated courses using the theme –  Indigenous Art/Contemporary Times .  An exciting opportunity for students and artists to further skills in Indigenous basketry (First Session), NW Woodcarving and Design (First Session), Wood Block Carving (Second Session), and a Survey of Contemporary Indigenous Art (Full Session).  The strands will be woven together with artist professional development led by the Longhouse staff to highlight marketing, artist resume, putting together a professional portfolio and Native arts exhibition. Students are required to submit three personal work sample images of their basketry before registering.  

Students register for each individual section separately, and can register for one section only or up to all four. 

Strand I:Puget Sound Basketry with Yvonne Peterson (4 credits, CRN 40132 (signature required), First Session)

Gathering, processing, researching, and weaving techniques of local Tribes is the emphasis of this class.  Send 3 images of your baskets to Yvonne to gain permission prior to registering for the course. The course will be one intensive weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 9-5); students will then commit to an individual or collaborative project accruing 40 hours and then return for presentations in the Fiber Arts Studio at an agreed upon date.  A Tribal group project may be proposed designed around 40 hours in class and off campus. In addition to scheduled meeting times listed the students will meet in the final week at an agreed upon date, as well as have several opportunities to join a materials gathering field trip. 

Strand II:

Pacific NW Woodcarving and Design with Alex McCarty (4 credits, CRN 40133, First Session)

This is an introductory course in which students will develop the foundations of design and woodcarving, focusing on the local cultural perspectives of mask making and 3D sculpture.  Students will explore regional Northwest Native styles and form-line design, and examine masks, paddles, figures, totems, and rattles from local traditions as inspiration to their own concepts and designs.  Students will carve their own 3D sculpture, each one unique to the individual's identity, culture and/or personal creative expression. The course will be one evening class and two intensive weekends (Friday 6pm-9pm, Saturday, Sunday from 9am-5pm); During the first intensive weekend students will learn basic carving skills making a cedar feather and begin rough shaping their sculpture using both contemporary and traditional Northwest coast carving tools. The second and final intensive weekend students will use their original two-dimensional concept designs and transfer them onto their three-dimensional woodcarvings focusing on more advanced carving and finishing skills.  All classes will be held in the new Carving Studio.  

Wood Block Carving with Alex McCarty (4 credits, CRN 40134, Second Session)

This is an introductory course in which students will develop the foundations of the woodcut relief printmaking process using the hand burnishing method.  Students will explore and research the use of relief printmaking by Indigenous artists of the Pacific world and will create a conceptual body of work with an emphasis on professional editioning practices. This course is designed to support both students who are visual art emphasizers, as well as those who are curious about the skills and knowledge necessary for sustained creative work.  These skills are often prerequisites for those who wish to be involved with artistic practice or plan on teaching.  All classes will be held in the new Carving Studio.

Strand III:A Survey of Contemporary Indigenous Art with Mario Caro (4 credits, CRN 40135, Full Session)

This strand provides an overview of contemporary Indigenous arts by looking at work by Indigenous artists, scholars, and curators. You will be introduced to the most important and exciting work being made by contemporary Indigenous artists to consider the challenges they face in developing their practice. You will also gain insights into current writing being produced by Indigenous scholars developing theories from an Indigenous perspective. We will also consider curatorial practices that employ Indigenous methodologies in developing exhibitions of contemporary art.


Summer 2019 Registration

Signature Required

The basketry section requires faculty permission to register. Please submit samples of your work to the appropriate faculty for permission. 

Course Reference Numbers

First Session (4): 40132
First Session (4): 40133
Second Session (4): 40134

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Preparatory for studies and careers in

K-12 teaching, Art, Museum Studies

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$100.00 for consumable basketry materials for each student project.

$60.00 for consumable carving materials for each student project.


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In Person
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Day and Weekend
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