India: Culture, Cuisine, and Dance

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Spring 2019
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literature, dance, performance, cultural studies

India, the world’s largest democracy, offers a diverse culture and a unique history of assimilation of a plethora of beliefs. We will immerse ourselves in the history, geography, and sources of this ancient culture, with multiple cuisines as well as a rich tradition of dance. We will study the culture that is based on the rich tapestry of indigenous people (the tribals), the Hindus (multiplicity of beliefs), Buddhists, Jains, and Muslims. We will learn how to prepare and cook dishes from the northern, southern, eastern, and western regions, varied due to geography, religious beliefs, and culture. We will also learn the Odissi dance and theatre traditions based on the Natya Shastra , a Sanskrit treatise, dating back to 2nd century BCE (probable date). Texts will include social and political history, as well as literature. Hands-on work will include cooking and performing dance, with a production of our collective work as a finale. The credit equivalencies of the program include cultural studies: Indian subcontinent, Odissi dance, South Asian literature, and South Asian history.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in: cultural studies, international studies, performing arts, and literature.

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$50 for a starch (rice/wheat flour), vegetables, oil and some spices for cooking.

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