Immigration and American Culture

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Summer 2018 (Second Session)
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media and Chinese studies

Each year thousands of people migrate into this country in search of the American dream. Many politicians, public commentators, critics, and media organizations have greatly influenced Americans’ understanding of immigration and the role that immigrants play in U.S. society. Since international migration shows no signs of slowing down the causes and consequences of immigration will be a critical topic for the 21st century.

In this summer offering, the program will provide an historical context to current debates over immigration reform, integration, and citizenship. We will follow a chronological overview of US immigration history and thematic issues in political discourse today such as xenophobia, deportation policy, and border policing.  Students will develop and conduct surveys and research topics of interests and facilitate discussions of current issues that contribute to the national debate as well as the current view among politicians and Washington state legislators. Students will have the opportunity to engage with community-based organizations providing services to immigrant populations to include mental health and social services, housing, food, educational and language services. Upon completion of this program, students will be able to critically analyze both sides of the current immigration debate, develop a broad-based understanding of the history of American immigration, develop research skills to support critical arguments for and against immigration. Students will develop an understanding of the essential elements of various immigration reform efforts and surveying and community organizing skills. 

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