Image, Object, Illusion: Photography and 3D Art

Spring 2019
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 50
16 Credits per quarter
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In this program we will work hands-on in the photography and three-dimensional (3D) art studios, producing hybrid work that works within the worlds of objects and images simultaneously. This program will use the mediums of sculpture and photography as a means to ask ongoing questions within each field, and within the contemporary arts more generally. Some of these questions will regard the search for "proof" or "truth" within an object or image as well as the potency of craft and production in the rendering of illusions.

Students will learn to create their own images (color and black and white photos) and the basic requirements for building simple wood forms, among other materials. Students can expect to develop skills and precision in 2D and 3D techniques and materials through a number of projects designed to engage these techniques/materials in concert with one another. 

In this program, we will discuss how technological changes in photography, image editing, 3D modeling and manufacturing have changed our expectations for fidelity and accuracy in photos and objects.The program will require students to move between physical and optical illusions, and in some cases, understanding how each requires the other. We will work through concepts around optical illusions, some of which are obvious, and others not. Here, students will learn about the traditions of trompe l'oeil, tricenium (or three-way pictures), diptychs, triptychs, miniatures, forced perspective, Victorian "spirit" photography and other precedents for fooling the eye.

This program does not require any previous art, photography or metalsmithing experience. 



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Fr (16): 30300
So - Sr (16): 30303
Fr - Sr (1 - 16): 30445

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Art, Art History, Design, Education

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$150 for museum entrance fees and project supplies

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Depending on individual projects, students may choose to spend an additional $25 to $100 on materials.


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Art Annex 2103 - Art Studio