Ideology and Consent in Public Administration

Summer 2022 First Session
Evening and Weekend
Senior - Graduate
Class Size: 20
4 Credits per quarter
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As our country has become more partisan and ideologically divided, what were once seen as simple policy decisions have now become battlegrounds with public administrators caught in the middle. This class looks at the intersection of various ideologies and public administration. It asks the question; how far should ideology penetrate into public administration? And are you required to give up your ideologies, religious, political, etc. when you become a public servant? What role do public administrator have in conditions that create divided loyalties? Where does consent begin and end in public service? Potential answers for these answers will be examined through case studies, court cases and academic research/theory. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • You will be able to explain the conceptual underpinnings of various ideologies 
  • You will be able to critique how these ideologies effect public administration 
  • Evaluate the role of public administrators as arbiters of the public interest 


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Evening and Weekend
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June 24 - 26, July 8 - 10

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