Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior

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Summer 2018 quarter (Full Session)

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organizational psychology, leadership coaching and development, management, HR management

In a business world dizzy from chaos of constant change and turmoil, employees remain the most valuable asset to organizations. Human Resources Management (HRM) uses formal systems to manage people effectively to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives.  The primary purpose of this course is to help students  learn and apply critical HRM knowledge and skills to make their human resources their competitive advantage.  This course teaches students the HRM critical skills and competencies in the areas of recruitment, selection, hiring, training and development, performance management, promotion, termination and risk management.  This course includes topics in organizational behavior (OB) psychology to improve student's understanding of motivation, leadership, emotions, conflict management, job satisfaction, creativity and productivity and other behavioral dynamics of individuals and groups at workplace.  Students in this course will gain HRM and OB knowledge and skills through readings, seminars, videos and case analyses, critical and reflective thinking, writing, and group activities and projects.  

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business and management


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