Grammar for Teachers

Summer 2021 Second Session
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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Writing is critical for learning and a vital tool for communication. Effective teachers of writing develop insight from their own writing experiences and also that of their peers. English grammar provides many challenges for writers as they move from early drafts to finished pieces of writing. Research conducted over many decades suggests that teaching grammar in isolation has little, if any, effect on student writing.

In this class we will explore English grammar in the context of our own writing, including issues of style, punctuation, and mechanics. Through the process of addressing grammar in our own writing, we will develop strategies to support student writers in the classroom. This class fulfills teacher certification prerequisite and endorsement requirements.

Even though this class is especially suited for educators and undergraduate students interested in education, all writers interested in developing and polishing their writing are welcome.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, this offering will meet remotely using the Zoom meeting environment for synchronous class meetings and Canvas and other online tools for asynchronous learning opportunities. This offering will include lectures, workshops, and seminars. Learning will include recorded lectures and video-conferencing workshop sessions and seminars. My approach will emphasize participation in synchronous (live) sessions; however if students find themselves unable to participate due to technology, caregiving obligations, economic disruption, health risk, or illness, they can work with me to pursue alternate options to earn related credit.


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Education, journalism, graduate studies, and other pursuits that require clear and concise written communication skills.

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