Winter 2021
Day and Evening
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 75
4 Credits per quarter
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In this four-credit upper division Genetics course, students will learn how traits and genome variation are inherited across generations, and in populations. Classical Mendelian and non-Mendelian patterns of inheritance will be examined through quantitative genetic analysis while exploring how gene and allele interactions can create different phenotypes. Course content includes chromosomal and molecular mechanisms of segregation, independent assortment, linkage, and crossover while emphasizing how these processes influence inheritance patterns.    Students will study the fundamental principles of mapping monogenic and polygenic/quantitative traits to genomes through linkage analysis and association studies. The dynamics of genetic variation in populations through genetic drift, selection, and population structure will be considered within an evolutionary context. Each week there will be readings and homework assignments from your textbook (and some primary literature), recorded lecture material, and workshop problem sets. The instructor will be available to work through these problem sets and answer questions from lectures with students synchronously via Zoom twice a week. Weekly quizzes will be based on essential content covered in lecture and workshop sessions. Student performance on homework assignments and exams will be used to award credit and in narrative evaluations.
To successfully complete this program in winter quarter, students should have access to a computer, internet for synchronous activities, and access to Canvas. Students should expect to participate in up to 4 hours of synchronous meetings per week using Zoom in Canvas. All lectures, assignments, and learning materials will be posted to Canvas, in the event a student is unable to attend the synchronous activities for any reason.



A strong grasp of the material covered in a full year of both general biology with lab and general chemistry with lab, at the college level.

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So - Sr (4): 20261

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biology, chemistry, medicine and health sciences, environmental science, and teaching.

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Upper Division Science Credit

This is an upper division science course.


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Day and Evening
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