Gendered Crime and Justice

Fall 2021
Evening and Weekend
Graduate Only
Class Size: 15
4 Credits per quarter
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Gender-based discrimination is prevalent throughout the criminal justice system. Although, this discrimination surfaces in many different ways, often dependent on a person's background or socioeconomic status. During this class, students will explore various theories on the causes of gender-based crime and the characteristics that make a crime gender-based. Along with examining current solutions, students will probe the context and evolution of laws and policies around gendered crime and justice.

Note about Self-Care 

  • Recognize that this is an academic course about personal and sensitive topics. 
  • Please exercise good self-care and know your limits.  See this self-care assessment for ideas of how to pay attention to yourself. 
  • Take breaks while reading. 
  • Assume that there are survivors in the class and be considerate of this likelihood in class discussions.   
  • Your personal experience and the experiences of the people you know are not representative of everyone’s experiences. 
  • Maintain curiosity and be willing to try new things and be open to new ideas / perspectives. 


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Evening and Weekend
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Fri Oct 15, 6 - 10p, Sat - Sun Oct 16 -17, 9a - 5p

Fri Nov 5, 6 - 10p, Sat - Sun Nov 6 - 7, 9a - 5p



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