Food Justice Through Preservation

Summer 2021 First Session
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 13
4 8 Credits per quarter
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Waste in the food system is a major issue that has social and ecological consequences related to problems like hunger, food justice, and climate change. We will study these issues along with practical solutions for tackling food waste through rescuing and preservation methods. Hands-on learning will include gleaning at the Organic farm, local farms and foraging in campus woods, along with culinary workshops in the Flaming Eggplant kitchen or SAL that focus on various methods of food preservation including fermentation, pickling, and canning. Guiding questions include: what are the health impacts of industrially-processed foods? What are the benefits of fermented foods? If conditions permit, students will host a community pop-up dinner serving food that they rescued and processed. 

This hybrid offering will include films, workshops, and seminars. Our approach will emphasize participation in asynchronous (scheduled “on your own”) sessions; however, if students find themselves unable to participate due to technology, caregiving obligations, economic disruption, health risk, or illness, they can work with faculty to pursue alternate options to earn related credit. This will be a hybrid program with online components that include asynchronous (through Canvas) activities like presentations, films, and discussion board threads (for 8 credit students, this is roughly nine hours a week with half that for 4 credit students). In-person activities include hands-on food preservation and fermentation workshops in the Eggplant kitchen or SAL, following COVID-19 safety protocols (for 8 credit students, six hours a week with half that for 4 credit students). Students will also be responsible for weekly readings and assignments for another 10-20 hours a week depending on credit load.


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Culinary arts, restaurant businesses, food systems, agriculture, entrepreneurship

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