Financial Sustainability for Non-profit Organizations

Winter 2019
Spring 2019
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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Social enterprises, commonly known as non-profit organizations, are defined as business enterprises with the primary mission of serving the common good of the society. They are the growth engines for building communities and implementing sustainable social changes. This two-quarter program will develop the financial management competencies required to become effective social entrepreneurs and to establish and run a sustainable non-profit businesses serving the common good of the community. Topics will include entrepreneurship and management, business finance and accounting, and basic skills needed for starting, operating, and promoting a financially sustainable non-profit business organization. 

This two-quarter program is for students interested in business management and finance, social equity and justice, community development and leadership. It will facilitate individual and group learning through active involvement in seminar discussions, workshop activities, writing, and oral presentations. Students will have the opportunity to design and implement individual and group projects, and do internship development work with local community-based social enterprise organizations. Students will explore issues, challenges, and opportunities that arise from working with various types of social enterprises and public organizations across the boundaries of cultural difference. 

In winter, the program will focus on the fundamentals of business finance, economics and business management, and on the guidelines for developing a non-profit organization. Topics discussed will cover basic financial accounting, costs and price setting for social enterprises' products, and general topics on micro and macroeconomics.

In the spring quarter, the program will discuss the socioeconomic issues and policies affecting the development and growth of the non-profit  sector. The program will also cover advanced work in entrepreneurship and business management, and will focus on issues related to the impacts of globalization and the resulting need for the development of international non-governmental organizations (INGO). Students will also have the opportunity of performing  in-program service learning projects with  local community-based organizations of their choice.


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