Exploring the Literature of Empowerment; Writers Rising Above the Subaltern

Spring 2021
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 25
12 Credits per quarter
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In this remote program, students will examine the literature of voluntary and involuntary minority communities in the United States through and beyond the 20th Century with an emphasis on short stories, essays and novels. By reading Latinx, immigrant, LGBTQIA+ as well as African American, Asian/Pacific Islander and Indigenous authors, we will consider how these writers identify and challenge existing relations of power. We will explore such themes as how disempowered groups negotiate social, political, economic and educational disparities. In addition, we will analyze how the authors represent their lived experiences and affirm their identities. This program will include weekly discussions, seminars and students' written analysis of the assigned literature. Students will also conduct biographical research about authors whose work we have studied and for whom they hold an interest and passion about their writing. Lastly, students will complete a final project which includes a synthesis essay and multi-media presentation about the historical conditions and contexts that inform the author’s literary themes. These themes can include, but are not limited to the immigrant experience, institutional racism, and gender identity.

In order to participate in this fully synchronous program (10-12 hours a week), students will need a computer equipped with a camera, Zoom software and a strong internet connection (students unable to take part synchronously can contact faculty to discuss possible options).


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