Experimental Watercolor II

Summer 2019 Second Session
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
2 Credits per quarter
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In this second session we will be spending a considerable amount of time creating new forms of pigment with spices, natural dyes, coffee, henna and foods that offer opportunity for color extraction. Students will learn how to create watercolor pigment using plant dyes and natural earth pigments. This class builds upon the first session of basic watercolor techniques by adding a pigment creation skill to the artists tool box. Through class instruction and experimentation we will traverse the colored playing field to create stunning watercolor effects on paper and three dimensional objects. 

Experimental Watercolor embraces the concept of play and builds upon basic watercolor skills to extend a student’s technical and conceptual range. Students will explore, through various application techniques and personal experimentation, to find a rhythm within their work and technical skill. This will be done by looking at the different spaces we traverse and examining the objects within that space. We will be looking at authors who speak about objects and how our perception of things reveals how we are oriented toward the world.

Class time will be used to experiment with various forms of watercolor, alternative forms of waterbased color and how to manipulate the water to the artists advantage. By watching several Czech and Polish animations we will be looking at how our work can be challenged simply by changing our view of the world around us. 


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