Experimental Photography

Summer 2022 First Session
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 12
4 8 Credits per quarter
Variable credit options, see below
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This class is a 3-week intensive, offering an in-person introduction to cameraless photographic techniques that are particularly suited to long, bright summer days (and, if necessary, adaptable to a remote learning context). As we explore historical, non-traditional photographic printmaking approaches, we'll test the boundaries of common understandings of "photography" and pursue informed experimentation with our processes and materials. We'll focus on the many approaches to making photograms, a cameraless image closely related to the monoprint, both in the black-and-white darkroom and with handmade emulsions exposed in the sun. We will create photographic images using common materials and largely non-toxic chemicals to create emulsions sensitive to UV light, coating paper with these emulsions, creating compositions on paper with stencils, hand-made negatives, found objects and materials, plants, fruits, vegetables, and more, exposing our compositions in the sun, processing them in water and hanging them to dry. Techniques include: silver-gelatin photograms and chemigrams, cyanotypes (also known as "blueprints" or "sunprints"), Van Dyke Brown, anthotypes (plant-based emulsions), and lumenprints (exposing black + white photo paper in UV light). 

Class sessions will combine demonstrations, supervised studio work, group critique and discussion, and short lectures on historical and contemporary practices and artists. Students will submit a complete portfolio of all work made and participate in a final critique. This class is equally suited to students new to photography who want to learn basic photographic principles through experimental, low-tech methods; advanced photography students who are ready to incorporate non-silver, non-digital techniques in their practice and experiment with new materials; and students with a background in 2D visual art who are interested in exploring the rich intersections of drawing, painting, printmaking and photographic processes.

This class is open to all students at all levels. Students without previous photography or other visual art experience are welcome, as are students who have that experience and want to build on it.

This class is a companion to the "Visual Music" class taught by Devon Damonte in 2nd session. Experimental Photography  offers instruction in photographic techniques that will be explored in moving images in "Visual Music.

This class is offered as a 3-week intensive, June 20 - July 8, 2022, for 4 or 8 credits. Students enrolled for 4 credits will attend class 1.5 days/week and students enrolled for 8 credits will attend 3 days/week. Assignment quantity and scale will be scaled accordingly. 


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Fr - Sr First Session (8): 40024
Fr - Sr First Session (4): 40025

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Arts, Humanities, Education

Variable Credit Options

The class is offered for 4 or 8 credits. 

Maximum Enrollment
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$125 total fee: $75 required fee covers all photographic paper and photo chemicals, $50 media studio fee.

Special Expenses

Total out-of-pocket costs will range $20-50. Students will be expected to purchase a few basic art supplies, some available at the Evergreen bookstore, and a list will be provided a few weeks before the class begins. Students will also need to bring a range of found objects, materials, etc. that can be found at second-hand stores, dollar stores, etc. Handouts and Readings will be provided as hard copies and/or PDFs for download. An optional textbook, "The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes" (3rd edition), by Christopher James, is approx $75 to buy or $26 to rent.


In Person or Remote
In Person
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First Meeting

Evans Hall 1326 - Workshop


Date Revision
2022-05-04 Student fee increased to $125 (was $50)