Experimental Ensemble Theatre Lab

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Summer 2018 quarter (Second Session)

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Engage with me (Jeff Glassman 5-weeks) and guest artist Lisa Fay (1-week) in an experimental ensemble theatre intensive that will operate in the spirit of an ensemble to generate new performance works.  At base, we will use a body of performance techniques and ideas originating in our 27-year collaboration as the international touring and teaching ensemble Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman Duo .  Hands-on studio work will focus on learning the use of our “counter-natural” techniques and applying them to your original thoughts. Humor and concerns emerging from our surroundings – social, political, cultural and environmental – play a distinct role in our process. With the idea of “embodied” composition in mind, we will work primarily in groups responding quickly to concepts and techniques we learn and discuss. We will learn skills and craft for fundamental challenges to the body and voice, the look of everyday behavior reconstructed into never-before-seen forms of interaction.  At the core of our work, we will explore this new terrain and attempt to push the techniques further - hence the word "lab" in the name of this program.  We will generate new theatre pieces that apply your ideas, and conceptualize short performance works through graphic score-making, as a mapping of the composition to be performed, in addition to other composition approaches. Likely, we will do an optional public performance at the conclusion.  Although the experiences here will be very useful to anyone doing stage acting, film acting, video performance work, or musicals, the work in this studio will be unlike other forms of performance.

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aesthetics communication consciousness studies theater

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Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Dramaturgy, Theatre Studies, Experimental Theatre, Movement Theatre, Mime Theatre, Script Writing, Screen Writing


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Mon-Thu 5-9pm

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