Evergreen Media Internships

Fall 2020
Winter 2021
Spring 2021
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 8
16 Credits per quarter
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The  Evergreen Media Internship  program provides advanced students a dynamic, hands-on work and learning experience in which they develop professional and academic skills in a highly collaborative media production environment, under the guidance of staff supervisors and a faculty sponsor. As a cohort, the interns strengthen leadership, collaboration, communication, organizational, and technical skills as a critical part of the Media Services team, supporting instruction, equipment and lab maintenance, oversight of media facilities, and campus productions. During fall, students will work 35 hours per week earning 14 credits as an Evergreen Media Intern in one of the following areas: Audio (2 interns), Video (2 interns), Production, and Instructional Media/Animation & Film. During winter and spring quarters, students work 30 hours per week earning 12 internship credits. 

This program also involves an academic component each quarter. The faculty sponsor will meet with students at least once a week to support continued skill development and academic work in media studies and production. Students do independent research into technologies and artists of their choice and will present their findings to the group. As they expand their practical and theoretical knowledge of media technologies and forms, interns will examine their own roles as producers, artists, teachers, and leaders through Academic Statement work and other reflective writing. During winter and spring quarters, students will have the opportunity to work on individual and/or collaborative creative projects supported through extensive critique processes. Fall internship work includes extensive training in all aspects of media production, so the academic component during fall is 2 credits (representing 5 hours of academic work per week). The winter quarter academic component is 4 credits (representing 10 hours of academic work per week). 

The Media Internship program requires a yearlong commitment from fall through spring quarters. For more information about prerequisites for each specific internship and how to apply, please contact Vito Valera, the Media Interns Coordinator and Associate Director of Media Services ( Vito.valera@evergreen.edu )

To successfully participate in this program, students will need technology such as laptops and mixers. Students can expect our remote teaching to be around 30 hours of synchronous (scheduled) coursework per week. Students will have access to alternatives to synchronous participation if conditions require. Individual internship components may include in-person activities. Please discuss with the faculty. 




To be considered for this advanced program, in addition to submitting a complete application, applicants must have junior or senior class standing (at least 90 credits) by the time of application. Additionally, students must have successfully completed at least one quarters of an 8- or 16-credit interdisciplinary program and a minimum of one year of college-level coursework in media production relevant to the internship; prior completion of Evergreen programs or courses such as Mediaworks, advanced full-time media programs, Audio Recording, Introduction to Music Technology, or their equivalents count towards these course requirements, and are required. Eligible transfer students are welcome to apply and will need to outline equivalent prerequisites in their applications.

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Students considered for this program must meet the prerequisites and complete an application.  Find more information and a link to the application:  https://www.evergreen.edu/electronicmedia/eminternships

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media arts, media production, media education, professional studio management, communication, and computer applications in media art

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$100 per quarter - Access to all labs and remote resources/software.


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2020-08-13 This program is now fully remote during fall quarter