Evergreen in Context: An Archives Project

Winter 2021
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 12
16 Credits per quarter
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In fall of 2021 Evergreen will celebrate the 50th anniversary of opening its doors to students. Evergreen in Context focuses on understanding the College's founding in context and inquiring into its history. Students who like to learn about the past, are curious about where Evergreen came from, and want to learn how to do archival research are invited to enroll. This program is an advanced offering in the Culture, Text, and Language in World Societies Path.

Evergreen was founded as an effort to reform American higher education. We will learn about the American reform tradition and focus on the period after World War Two. The war changed the character of American society. It created a seedbed for a wide range of opportunities and social and political critiques, and inspired plans to turn those critiques into action. Evergreen's founding was one of these actions. We'll learn how the Cold War, the civil rights and feminist movements, the war in Vietnam, Watergate, and other currents in American life influenced the making of the College's philosophy and culture. We'll read authors who inspired its faculty such as Hannah Arendt, Alexander Meiklejohn, Rachel Carson, Germaine Greer, Karl Marx, and others. Guest speakers will include alumni and former college leaders, the latter of whom have been responsible for ensuring that Evergreen meets its obligations as a state institution while maintaining its original vision.

Students will read historical texts about post-war America and American higher education. They will learn historical research methods and work on two research projects.  One will focus on a topic of each student's choice inspired by their interest in Evergreen. The other is a collective effort: a publication to commemorate Evergreen's 50th anniversary in 2021-22 which includes the Evergreen Oral History Project. Evergreen in Context is suitable for upper division students who plan future study and careers in education, research, public policy, and history.


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history, sociology, philosophy, public policy, and education.

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