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Environmental History

Fall 2021
Native Pathways - Olympia
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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This 4-credit introductory course, "Environmental History," examines the complex relationships that humans have with their surroundings and how these interconnected relationships have changed over time. Students will be introduced to a broad geographic and temporal approach in exploring how historical human interactions and relationships with their environments have shaped the modern world. Beginning with Indigenous communities and nations in the western hemisphere, students will explore how Indigenous peoples from diverse landscapes and cultures both shaped and were shaped by their environmental surroundings. We will investigate how Indigenous Peoples navigated the social and environmental disruptions of colonization and the ensuing industrial/capitalist nation-states’ role in accelerating global climate change while maintaining (and fighting for) sovereignty. Students will analyze the role that technological developments in transportation, manufacturing agricultural production, resource extraction in coordination with neoliberal policies, and global market expansion impacts the modern world. This course is online, with synchronous (zoom/canvas class time) 2.5-3 hours and asynchronous (on your own) learning 1 hour.

This course is part of linked Native Pathways Program (NPP) classes.  NPPLinked courses are separate courses that intersect and build upon each othertaught by NPP faculty. If interested in the Native Pathways Program (NPP) courses, please see World of Writing (WoW) and Culture, Community, and Cosmos (CCC) for a program of 12 credits.



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