Engaging with Plants in a Changing Climate: How & Why to Create Local Medicine & Sustainable Color

Summer 2022 Full Session
Evening and Weekend
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
Variable credit options, see below
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Many medicinal plants also produce natural dyes. This program offers several ways to engage creatively with plants this summer. Options include: (1) first session hybrid with in-person classes (4 credits); (2) second session fully remote (4 credits); or (3) full session with both (8 credits)! Whatever you choose, you can identify plants, discover local resources, and explore safe, simple techniques to create herbal medicines and dyes in your kitchen. Through this, you will learn approaches to self-care and creative expression – including how to upcycle and revitalize your closet -- that increase community resilience and help protect the environment. Your studies can follow a faculty-created plan, we can create a plan together, or you can plan your studies independently. Whatever approach you take, you’ll receive ample support. Note that the program is appropriate whether you have previous experience or you’re just getting started, and whether you’re near or far. Variable credit is available, too, so you can expand your learning even further with additional independent study (up to 16 credits for the full session). Please contact faculty if you’re interested in any of the independent or variable credit options. What a wonderful way to enrich your summer!


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Course Reference Numbers

Fr - Sr Full Session (16): 40094
Fr - Sr Full Session (12): 40111
Fr - Sr Full Session (8): 40112
Fr - Sr First Session (4): 40113
Fr - Sr Second Session (4): 40114

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Preparatory for studies and careers in

Arts, health, education, environment, climate justice

Variable Credit Options

You may register for 4 credits to attend first session (hybrid) or second session (remote), or for 8 credits to attend full session (both hybrid and remote). You may also add independent study for up to 8 credits in each session or up to 16 credits for full session. Please contact faculty if you're interested in any of the additional credit options. If you register for regular credit offerings, faculty will reach out to get acquainted and learn your interests.

Maximum Enrollment
Class Standing

For first or full session: $75 for workshop supplies

For second session: No fee. Students will obtain supplies individually. A list containing items and sources will be provided in advance. Costs will vary according to student choices.


Time Offered
Evening and Weekend
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