Drawing: The Portrait

Winter 2022
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 20
4 Credits per quarter
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This online introductory to intermediate level course focuses on principles and techniques of drawing the portrait. In this class you will work from an emphasis on learning to draw what you see through close observation. Working from life, studying the master artists, and exploring fundamental concepts, students will investigate the significance of drawing in context to the greater art world. Students will be introduced to a variety of drawing materials and techniques as well as basic art terminology and skills, including understanding of proportion, sighting, perspective, value, and composition.

In collaboration, students will create a large-scale portrait to experience the significance of supporting each other in their practice. Independently, students will research historic and contemporary artists and artworks to influence their understanding of the work they are pursuing. Students will present a final portfolio at the end of the quarter in a group critique. Students will be required to contribute to a weekly discussion post in Canvas.

This course will be conducted as hybrid participation meaning that most time will be spent in-person on campus in the drawing studio, and some work time using Canvas, Zoom, and online model reference sites. A computer and access to the internet are required. If you do not have a computer one may be checked out to you from the campus library. All assignments must be submitted for review at the end of the session attended. Regularly scheduled synchronous (together) in-person meetings will take place once a week for a three-hour session. Students will be expected to take notes and work asynchronously (independent) for an average of 6-8 hours each week.




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