Doing the Public's Business in Washington State

Fall 2021
Evening and Weekend
Graduate Only
Class Size: 15
2 Credits per quarter
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This course explores the special considerations that public managers in Washington State must give to implementing programs, projects, and services. We will draw from examples of current environmental, public infrastructure, and housing challenges that local governments face daily as we learn how public administrators go about conducting the public’s business. Students will examine how resource allocation decisions are made; how public value is determined; and how local, state, and federal levels of government work with and sometimes against each other as public managers attempt to meet public needs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Investigate where the authority to act resides when carrying out the public’s business.
  • Investigate how public projects, services and programs are determined to be ready to proceed.
  • Consider methods for making resource allocation decisions using concepts that assess need, capacity, agreement, and results.


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GR (2): 10389

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Evening and Weekend
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Fri Nov 5, 6 - 10p, Sat Nov 6, 930a - 4p, Sun Nov 7, 930a - 1p

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