Doing Good and Doing Well: Ethics and Sustainable Business Management

Winter 2020
Class Size: 50
Credits per quarter

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Taught by

Stephen Beck
economics, management, community organization

To sustain success over the long run, businesses need a strong ethical culture, both internally and in relation to society at large. In this one-quarter program, we will study ethics in businesses, specifically in the areas of ethical leadership, organizational culture, financial management, and social responsibility. We will need to develop a firm understanding of the realities of business financial management and leadership, so as to address the ethical challenges that people in business regularly confront. Through lectures, case studies, seminar and workshops, we will develop our understanding of sustainable and socially responsible business practices at both the national and the international levels.

Students interested in sustainable business development, ethical leadership, and socially responsible business management are especially encouraged to enroll. This program is designed to provide a foundation for further studies in both ethics and business. 

12 credit option: Students who enroll for 12 credits will participate in all program activities plus a 4 credit in-program Individual Learning Contract (ILC) or Internship. The content of the ILC or internship needs to relate to the program and will need to be approved by the faculty by the end of Week 1 of the quarter. Email the faculty directly with any questions.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in:

Business, organization development, community building, economic policy, public service and non-profit management.

Class Standing: Sophomore–Senior
Class Size: 50

Scheduled for: Evening

Located in: Olympia

2019-05-22This program is now being offered in Winter quarter (was Spring)
2019-04-2312-credit option added to program

Spring 2020: Contact faculty or check offering in Canvas for first class meeting date and time.