Design Thinking Lab: Designing (Ourselves) for Living, Learning, & Futures of Work

Fall 2021
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 35
4 Credits per quarter
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The global pandemic, e-learning, virtual work, has shown us that the world can rapidly change during the time of disruption and uncertainty, when people and organizations that innovate thrive. Design thinking, innovation, and many other ideation approaches to problem solving have never been more important. With living, learning, and working having been disrupted, now is an opportunity to reimagine “new normal” ways of student living, learning, and working in the post-pandemic era, and innovate!

In this course, students learn how to become agents of change and innovation for their campus life and learning experiences, community organizations, and workplaces. We accomplish this by leveraging the entrepreneurial mindsets and abilities of design thinking and innovation. Together we create the connections with the campus and surrounding community, reframe and refine insights you discover in the process to embark on a campus and community innovation project.

This class is for students of all experience levels. Through design thinking workshops and small-group project activities, you'll develop an innovative mindset for problem-solving. You will find insights through interviewing (virtually or in-person) in real time as you engage with real people or real organizations to help them develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges. Your journey will be guided by the mentorship of faculty, staff and student leaders. You will learn valuable skills that will enhance your studies in any field, and build relationships you'll draw upon again and again throughout your career at Evergreen. Your final deliverable of the course will be a team video presentation that includes a prototype of your product or solution.

To successfully participate in this course, students need internet capability to access Zoom with webcam and audio, including ability to speak and record a video, and participate in live hangouts, and unless they have a formal accommodation students need to be comfortable having their webcam on for labs and synchronous class meetings.You will need an internet enabled personal digital device with a clear screen display and web-camera or a computer, and some papers and pens to sketch and draw. You will need to be willing to learn how to use online Google documents and other virtual collaboration tools such as, Jamboard, Gathertown, Slack, etc.

Because we will be forming a team for the quarter long group project, attendance during the first week is mandatory.




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