Demographics in Web GIS

Winter 2019
Evening and Weekend
Graduate Only
Class Size: 15
2 Credits per quarter
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In this class, students will be introduced to the computing technology of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software - for creating demographic maps and infographics.  Students will be granted a professional grade license to the ArcGIS Online software, as well as access to companion tools such as Community Analyst, and Maps for Office.  Students will learn how to use the ArcGIS software - produced by Esri, Inc -  to find and curate demographic datasets, create insightful maps, manage their own spatial data resources, and perform some of the more common types of spatial analysis. 

Web-GIS enables mapping functionality through a web-browser interface, thus replacing many of the needs for specialized desktop GIS software installation. The Web-GIS technology provides rapid access to cloud-storage resources for thousands of demographic data variables, including US Census Bureau data, purchasing power and other business data, current and historical aerial and satellite imagery, landuse and landcover, and many more data themes.  ArcGIS Online software-as-a-service provides extensive mapping functionality, allowing students to analyze data, create and embed interactive charts, photos, and video into their maps, and publish their web-maps over the internet - to colleagues, or to the general public.  

There are no prerequisites for this class.  Basic knowledge and skills in the use of Microsoft Excel software will be helpful. 


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