Culture, Community, and Cosmos: Health Sovereignty and Self-Determination

Winter 2022
Native Pathways - Olympia
Freshman - Sophomore
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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We will examine hownarratives as ontological inquiry can allow for, and validate, many understandings of health. Importantly, narratives can reverse cognitive domination by the colonizer and empower communities' and its citizens to maintain cultural integrity, languages, and frames of reference. What does health mean to you? To your community? To the dominant culture?This course is designed for students interested in exploring how a sense of place connects with health and well-being (of self and community).Students will learn how public health policy--and practice--follow a normative analysis that undermines Indigenous understandings of health. Where does self-determination fit in? We will investigate the meanings, cultural and political, of self-determination as it applies to Indigenous Peoples. Students can expect to write reflections, participate in small group work, expand research skills, and have an introduction to Indigenous service learning. By deeply engaging withthe importance of culture to address health inequalities and using research skills, students will create a best practice needs assessment video as a final project.

Students can expect 3 hours of synchronous learning (on zoom) and 1 hour of asynchronous learning (on Canvas).

Healing and Religion in Native America: Pathways For Renewal.Required text: Susan Crawford O'Brien'sCredit Equivalencies are 2-Indigenous Studies and 2-Public Policy.


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