Cultivating Resiliency and Wellbeing with NW Plants


Fall 2021
Native Pathways - Olympia
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 25
2 Credits per quarter
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Cultivating Resiliency and Wellbeing with NW Plants is a course designed to explore the world of plants through traditional Indigenous stories and experiences from our Elders and Ancestors. Rooted in the plant teachings of the Coast Salish lands and cultures, plants are a reconnection with the natural world, and with ourselves in balancing the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Plants have been known to b our first teachers and allies, helping us learn, grow, and heal. As we cultivate building relationships with NW plants, we will come to understand the depth and scope of their wisdom. The study and practice of using plants as agents of healing, well-being, mindfulness, and resilience are ever-present throughout the teachings found in the required text, Plant Teachings For Growing Social-Emotional Skills and the accompanying notecards. Students will create healing first aid kits during this course, and use a designated sketchbook for class exercises, notes, and self-reflections. 

This course if for Native Pathways Program (NPP) registered students and will meet on the NPP Weekend Gatherings-November 6-7, and December 5-6 times TBD.  


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NPP registered only students

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$20 fee for supplies/materials for hands on activities during course


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This course meets on Saturday and Sunday November 6 & 7 + Saturday and Sunday December 5 & 6. Times could change.

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Native Pathways - Olympia