Creature of Capitalism: A History of U.S. Philanthropy

Spring 2021
Evening and Weekend
Graduate Only
Class Size: 15
4 Credits per quarter
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Creature of Capitalism: A History of US Philanthropy, is a 4-credit elective offered Spring 2021 in Evergreen’s MPA Program. Over the last decade, there has been a wealth of research produced examining the role and, more significantly, the influence of US philanthropic initiatives and institutions. Through readings, lectures, guest speakers, workshops, assignments and seminar, some questions we will consider are; How did US philanthropy develop over time? How effective is philanthropy in making change?  Change for whom, and to what degree? Do philanthropists hold too much power and influence over our traditionally public arenas?

This course will be offered 100% remotely, and synchronously on Monday evenings, 6-10pm. If you do not want to be on a live Zoom session for a long stretch of time Monday evenings, it is recommended you do not register for this class since attendance and participation is required.


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Evening and Weekend
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