Creative Writing: "Savage Conversations"

Fall 2021
Native Pathways - Olympia
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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"Savage Conversations,"This creative writing and Indigenous literature course, is designed around LeAnne Howe'sWhereasMary Todd Lincoln's addiction and madness through the ever-present backdrop of President Lincoln's mass hanging of the Dakota 38. Author Philip J. Deloria wrote that the book "...explodes with the stench of guilt and insanity that undergirds the American story...." Students will write in their chosen genre (prose, poetry, lyric essay, hybrid forms), weaving a time or event in the historical or current American story into their creative works. Having conversations about almost anything today can lead to controversy, conflict, and confusion; but creative writers have the ability to present information in storied packages, bringing readers into conversations they may not otherwise have. This course will examine kaleidoscope perspectives when approaching and choosing topics and themes to write about, considering cultural appropriation, story ownership, and multiple, intersecting historical narratives surrounding pivotal and traumatic events. Examining Layli Long Soldier's debut book, , we will further explore social and cultural histories, paying attention to language, the consequences of words, and creating a platform to expose injustices and acts of oppression.Savage Conversations,exploring

There will be student-led seminars, weekly journal writing, writing prompts and  reflection assignments, and a final creative writing project. This is a writing intensive course, beginner to advanced, for anyone interested in creative writing as a learning tool, an artistic form of activism, and a platform to share untold stories. We will interrogate our own worldviews along with our time and place in America/the world to create work with integrity and power. Required text isSavage ConversationsTechnology required: Internet access is needed but alternative modes of learning can be planned by contacting the faculty.Whereasby LeAnne Howe and by Layli Long Soldier.Credit equivalencies are 2 Creative Writing and 2 Literature: Native American. The course is online with 3 hours of synchronous/zoom and "live" Discussion posting work and 1 hour of asynchronous work (completed on your own) in the fall.


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