Creative Writing: The Personal Essay, When You Got Something To Say

Fall 2020
Native Pathways - Olympia
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
Variable credit options, see below
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Creative Writing: The Personal Essay, When You Got Something To Say is designed for any level writer who has something to say and wants to study and write personal essays. The personal essay can be crafted in a myriad of forms, from the straight-up personal to the braided-essay using a personal experience as an anchor to illustrate and write about a bigger issue to the hybrid personal essay with visuals or poems or music. This course will explore a wide-range of personal essayists, paying close attention to their structure, voice, and message. We will begin by writing a series of "open letters" and move through the writing process, step by step, to craft personal essays. This is a writing intensive course, with attention to finding or narrowing down topics, strengthening voice, and practicing effective editing and revising. 

To successfully participate in this program students need access to a computer, smart phone, and internet. Students should expect to spend 3 hours a week in synchronous meetings using Canvas, Zoom, and the phone. Students will have access to alternatives to synchronous (in person or remote) participation if conditions require.

Native Pathways Program students register using CRN 10231. All other students use CRN 10232. 


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Native Pathways - Olympia
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