Creating and Developing Social Enterprises for Community Development

Fall 2019
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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Students will learn a lot about philanthropy in the United States and the role of social enterprises including nonprofits in contributing to healthy, sustainable communities. We’ll look at the historical role of charitable giving before and after contact and the evolving role social enterprises have played and are playing in the U.S.  As a part of this inquiry, we’ll consider what it takes to create a social enterprise and grow and sustain existing organizations.  We’ll also focus on Development Readinesstm   for these organizations and how using this approach helps ensure a sustainable organization that benefits, for example, from an empowered and engaged board and staff as well as contemporary and ongoing strategic planning. The ethics of these organizations will also be explored and discussed as will professional development and volunteer recruitment and management. We’ll learn about grant writing and fundraising. This portion of the course will also include effectively finding funding sources for organizations and their programs. Each student/team will be asked to identify and develop an organization and a project over the course of the quarter. The organization and project can be based on an existing organization or one that is created for the purposes of the class. Credit equivalencies will be awarded in Social Enterprise Development and Management, and Grantwriting and Fundraising.

This course will repeat winter quarter. Students who enrolled in fall should not enroll in winter. 


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Non-Profit Management and Development, Scientific Research, Arts and Culture Programming and Development, Eco-Ag Programming and Development, Community Development, Organizational Development

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Social Enterprise Development including Resource Development


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