The Context of Public Administration PNAPP

Fall 2019
Graduate Only
Class Size: 55
6 Credits per quarter
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The purpose of 1st year Core is to identify and explore the fundamentals of governing
and administering for the public good. In the fall quarter, we examine the foundations of
democracy and public service by investigating the enduring issues for public
administrators. We will increase our understanding of the political, social, cultural, and
economic contexts of public administration. Our goal is to gain an understanding of how
practitioners can apply theories of public administration through praxis. We will analyze
the roles and responsibilities of public administrators and their institutions at all sectors
of governing. In Winter quarter we will examine the knowledge and skills needed to
practice democratic public administration. Spring quarter we examine the policy and
fiscal foundations of doing public service.
Key questions:
● What is public administration as a field of study?
● Who are public administrators and who is the public?
● Why does public administration matter? What are the enduring issues and why?
Learning objectives:
● Develop the foundations of critical analysis and critical thinking
● Understand the history and tradition of public administration
● Recognize systemic inequity in the public sphere
● Develop the ability to work effectively in teams


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