Computer Science Internships

Fall 2019
Winter 2020
Spring 2020
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 3
8 12 16 Credits per quarter
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This program is the home for Evergreen computer science internships. Computer science internships provide advanced students with opportunities to gain deep knowledge of specific concepts and skills in the context of a tightly knit cohort who collaborate on developing academic and creative research agendas that parallel and are informed by their work as interns. Internships involve about 20 hours per week for 8 credits per quarter and are available in Physical Computing, Instructional Technology/Universal design, and Technology Support. Interns gain and strengthen instructional, technical, research, organizational, leadership, communication, and collaborative skills as they work with the supervising staff associated with each of these areas to support instruction,maintenance, and administration of facilities.

This program includes 4-8 credits of additional academic inquiry per quarter. Students meet weekly as a group with staff or faculty to share knowledge and skills. The program requires a yearlong commitment from fall through spring quarters.



Students must have previous experience with computer science or related field. Specific prerequisites will vary based upon specific internship and academic component.

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Applicants will demonstrate prerequisites and competencies by completing an application that includes references, program evaluations, and a professional résumé. Applicants will also be expected to demonstrate capacity to work in a professional environment and in various collaborative and creative teams. Applications will be accepted starting Monday of Week 3 of spring quarter. The priority deadline for applications is Friday of Week 7 of spring quarter. By late May, applicants will be informed of their status. Finalists will be invited for an interview. Positions will remain open until filled. For more details, including information about prerequisites for each specific internship and how to apply, please go to or contact Professor Richard Weiss at

Course Reference Numbers

Jr - Sr (16): 10295
Jr - Sr (12): 10296
Jr - Sr (8): 10297
Winter 2020 Registration

Course Reference Numbers

Jr - Sr (12): 20155
Jr - Sr (16): 20156
Jr - Sr (8): 20157
Spring 2020 Registration

Course Reference Numbers

Jr - Sr (16): 30044
Jr - Sr (12): 30045
Jr - Sr (8): 30046

Academic details

Fields of Study
Preparatory for studies and careers in

computer science and informational technology.

Maximum Enrollment
Class Standing
Upper Division Science Credit

Between four and eight upper division science credits in computer science and related disciplines may be earned.


In Person or Remote
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In Person (W)
Remote (S)
Time Offered
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