Community Planning and Development --- 2 credits

Spring 2020
Graduate Only
Class Size: 5
2 Credits per quarter
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Communities are designed not only as geographical location and place, but also a common set of ideas and values. While improving our communities and planning for the future, equity must be built into the overall process of data collection, stakeholder engagement and policy negotiation. This online hybrid class will provide an intersection between the planning practice and community development principals. Using an asset based community development strategy, the learning community will build a framework of the planning profession, understand community issues and apply planning frameworks to current scenarios in our communities. The class will utilize foundational readings, applied planning software and selected cases that transcend local, urban, rural, Tribal and neighborhood communities. Consisting of in-class time, fieldwork and independent study, teams will focus on building a planning process to help assist identification and celebration of assets in the community.

*Note that this course is a 2 credit version of the 4-credit course, Community Planning and Development. Students should register with CRN 30387


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April 1 - June 3, Wed 6-10pm

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