Spring 2021
Sophomore - Senior
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4 Credits per quarter
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In this upper-division math course, we'll study standard topics in Combinatorics, the mathematical study of arrangements and, especially, counting. Over the course of the quarter, we'll learn basic counting techniques, briefly apply those skills to questions of probability, and then learn about recurrence relations and generating functions, two powerful techniques for solving counting problems. We'll cover other topics as time permits.

Students taking this course must have good familiarity with Taylor series and other standard topics in the first year of college Calculus. 

This course will be fully online; our work will be conducted remotely, using Canvas and Zoom. Students will be expected to attend live, interactive sessions with program faculty and peers. Online small group work will also be a regular part of the work of the program. To successfully participate, students are required to have a reliable internet connection and regular access to a computer. Students should expect to spend up to 4 hours per week in synchronous class meetings using Zoom. If students find themselves unable to participate in live synchronous sessions due to technology issues, caregiving obligations, economic disruption, health risk, or illness, they can work with faculty to pursue alternate options to earn comparable credit.

This course is a standalone module in the Physical Systems and Applied Mathematics program. Contact the faculty to take this as a 4 credit module in that program.



Success in three quarters of Calculus is required; previous experience studying upper-division mathematics is recommended.

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Contact the faculty to be enrolled in the 4-credit Combinatorics option in Physical Systems and Applied Mathematics.

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Upper division science credit will be awarded for work in this course.


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This subject will also be taught as part of the Mathematical Systems program in 2021-22.