Color Grows in the Garden

Summer 2019 (First Session)
Daytime Weekend
Day and Weekend
Class Size: 25
Credits per quarter

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Taught by

Marja Eloheimo square
ethnobotany, environmental and cultural anthropology, plant studies

Dyes are substances that impart color to other materials such as fibers (including fabric, paper, yarn, and baskets). In this 4-credit, 6-day Intensive, we learn to identify plants that yield dyes, practice the art of dyeing with plants, gain appreciation of and care for plants in the Indigenous Arts Campus gardens, engage in color journaling, and explore color in various cultural contexts, including among the Coast Salish. Specifically, students will develop:

  • Understanding of the principles, complexities, and basic techniques of dyeing with natural materials
  • Knowledge of plants that provide various hues with emphasis on those that can be harvested locally
  • Ability to carry out plant research, prepare plant profiles, and create a dye sample book
  • Experience cultivating relationship with plants, place, & color through color journaling and garden care

Students may expand upon this course through more personalized and/or in-depth work in an Independent Contract or Internship.

This offering will prepare you for careers and advanced study in:

arts, education, Indigenous arts and education, botany, cultural studies, sustainability, horticulture


Credits per quarter

Online learning:
  • Hybrid Online Learning - This offering delivers < 25% of its instruction online, rather than via face-to-face contact between you and your instructors.

$60 for dye lab supplies and garden tools

Class Standing: Freshman–Senior
Class Size: 25
Daytime Weekend

Scheduled for: Day and Weekend

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First meeting:

Monday, June 24, 2019 - 9:30 am
SAL 102 - Food Safe Lab

Located in: Olympia