Collecting Field Data with Survey123

Spring 2021
Graduate Only
Class Size: 15
2 Credits per quarter
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Survey123In this course, students will create field survey designs, using the software, by Esri Inc.

Survey123supports an efficient, structured workflow for anyone to design field surveys.  Survey123 supports simple design of questions in a drag and drop interface, as well as complex survey designs that enable logical branching, cascade selections, default values, in-form computations, and the integration of photography, audio, and video content into the survey response database.

Scientists often rely on field surveys to collect data concerning physical observations and measurements, and for collection of data about human behavior, and opinion, or to assess the capabilities of a sample population. Field surveys can be deployed on web pages and on smart devices, including phones and tablets, even when disconnected from internet or cell coverage.  Surveys allow enumerators to populate a database of field observations which can then be subjected to analysis, or exported into Excel and other softwares, for reporting, charting, mapping, and other research methods.

Survey123Students will be issued licenses to use software, and instructed on survey security principles, using the TESC site license to the Esri ArcGIS platform.  Students will also use ArcGIS Online to create a story-map from their survey results.

Survey123There is no prerequisite to take this course. coursework is compatible and non-redundant to other GIS courses available to graduate students at Evergreen.

(The course will be conducted over two weekends, and through remote (Zoom) sessions, in light of the ongoing Covid19 pandemic situation. The course will meet on Friday evening, and then half days on the following two Saturdays and Sundays.)


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