Coast Salish Wool Weaving - The Indigenous Regalia of the Salish Sea (Remote/In-Person*)

Summer 2020 Second Session
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 12
4 Credits per quarter
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Coast Salish wool weavings are the indigenous regalia to the people of the Salish Sea. This area encompasses the coast of North America from the Bute Inlet in British Columbia South through Western Washington and north of the Columbia River in Oregon. We will learn about the historical and contemporary significance that these weavings bestow upon both the weaver and the recipient. With this knowledge and understanding we will participate in identification and gathering processes of plant and animal fibers. With these materials we will prepare the fibers for spinning by blending and carding them. Then we will sample the historical spinning method with a spindle whorl and the contemporary version of both a treadle and electric spinning wheel. Our samples will then be dyed with materials we gather using both indigenous and contemporary methods of dyeing. The final process of weaving will be undertaken with both our prepared yarns and commercially purchased yarns. Every student will have enough yarn to start and finish a weaving. Classes will combine lectures that are informed by cultural values, demonstrations along with hands-on teaching and learning, identifying and ethically harvesting materials through on campus trips, and supervised Fiber Arts Studio work.

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