Climate Solutions in a Diverse World

Spring 2019
Graduate Only
Class Size: 18
4 Credits per quarter
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Population growth, choices of developmental pathways and advances in technology, especially those taking place beyond Europe and the United States, can transform societies and energy systems. Indigenous ideas regarding what is appropriate and practical may differ from those imported from more "developed" countries. They may also serve as models for making all energy systems more sustainable. This elective will use a Socio-Political Ecology lens to explore the social, economic, and energy status of a variety of countries around the globe, trying to understand their unique contributions to a less fossil intensive and more renewable energy focused future. Students will learn the value of examining the local context in which decisions are made.  They will become familiar with the concept of Neocolonialism as it applied to energy in the Global South.  Students will also examine the current energy status, applications of energy, and hurdles faced nations of the Global South.  In the end, what lessons can be learned that will make energy systems more sustainable worldwide?


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