Climate Change and Colonization in the Arctic: Who are the Sami?

Winter 2021
Evening and Weekend
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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To better understand the interconnected impacts of climate change and colonization on Indigenous Peoples worldwide, this program focuses on the Indigenous Sámi People of the Arctic regions of Europe. With reindeer central to their culture, Sámi People are on the front lines of climate change since temperatures are rising in the Arctic at twice the rate of other parts of the world. We explore (1) Sámi cultures, including arts, languages, histories, and lifeways; (2) the colonization, oppression, and environmental destruction Sámi have endured across Sápmi, their traditional homeland in what-is-now northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia; (3) Sámi efforts to protect land, people, and ways of life; and (4) Sámi collaboration with other Indigenous Peoples, including those who live in other parts of the Arctic. We bring these studies home by considering the Sámi diaspora in North America, and we gain a deeper understanding of the interconnected threats of climate change and colonization worldwide. Sámi and Sámi-American guests share with us their own deep and intimate understanding of the issues.

To successfully participate in this on-line program, students will need a computer with reliable internet access for class sessions on Zoom and for program engagement on Canvas. Synchronous (live) class sessions will take place on Wednesday evenings and alternate Saturdays, however, class instruction will be recorded for students who must periodically miss classes. Please discuss your specific situation with your faculty.   



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Cultural studies, Indigenous studies, environmental studies, Nordic studies, climate change, decolonization

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$45 for virtual museum visits and Online cultural events


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Evening and Weekend
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2020-12-08 $45 special expense changed to a required fee
2020-12-07 This program is now open to freshman/first-year students