Chemistry Counts!

Spring 2022
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
16 Credits per quarter
Variable credit options, see below
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This program will explore topics in chemistry and mathematics at the introductory college level. It is designed for students who are eager to gain an understanding of these fields so they can pursue further studies in the sciences.  It is also designed for those who are seeking to broaden their liberal arts education by exploring the sciences. Collaborative learning and context-based problem solving will be expected and emphasized. Program activities will include lectures, workshops, and laboratory experiments. Students taking the 16 credit option will have in-person chemistry laboratory work.

We will begin the study of introductory chemistry by exploring the structure of the atom, the nature of the chemical bond, and proceed towards an understanding of molecular geometry. This will lead us to discussions of the periodic table, chemical reactions, mole concepts, and stoichiometry. In the laboratory we will develop bench skills and lab techniques. In particular we will focus on measurements, preparing solutions, titrations, and spectroscopy while learning how to use spreadsheet software for data collection and analysis. In chemistry workshops, students will work in small groups to solve problems that further their understanding of the topics covered in lectures.

In the mathematics workshops we will study some of the mathematics of science including scientific notation and unit conversions. In addition, students will work with linear, quadratic, exponential, and logarithmic functions. These functions will be approached algebraically, numerically, symbolically, and verbally.  A graphing calculator is strongly recommended.

Students will gain experience with scientific communication by developing a presentation related to program themes for the annual Evergreen Science Carnival.

This program prepares students for foundational programs such as Integrated Natural Science.


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Course Reference Numbers

So - Sr (16): 30114
Fr (16): 30117
Fr - Sr (1 - 16): 30296

Academic details

Fields of Study
Preparatory For

general chemistry, environmental sciences, education and natural sciences

Variable Credit Options

Students have the option of taking the program for the following variable credit options:
• 14 credits (8 credits Introductory chemistry without labs + 6 credits Algebraic thinking for science) - online only
• 8 credits (Introductory chemistry without labs)- online only
• 6 credits (Algebraic thinking for science) - online only
• 10 credits (Introductory chemistry with lab) online lectures and in-person labs

Students taking less than 16 credits must obtain a signature from the instructors by emailing

Maximum Enrollment
Class Standing

$65 for required course materials and lab fees

Special Expenses

It is highly recommended to have a graphing calculator. If you do not already own one, this can cost around $100.


Time Offered
Schedule Evergreen link
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2022-02-22 $50 lab fee added