Chekhov's Russia

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Fall 2017
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Anton Chekhov, Russia's foremost short story writer and playwright, reflects in his fictional works the massive social and economic forces that undermined the Russian autocratic system. Chekhov's life (1860 to 1904) and literary production, spans the final years of autocratic rule before the 1905 revolution, which some of his stories and plays anticipate. The format of the course will be lecture/discussion. Students can also expect to view films about the writer's life and works as well as some of his dramatic productions. Space permitting, students in this course may also attend voluntarily the seminars on Chekhov's fictional works on Wednesday evenings.  For full credit, students must attend Monday lectures and film viewings, write weekly response papers to the required readings, and submit an integrative essay (3-5 pages) on some aspect of his stories and plays as social history.


This 4 credit course is part of the 8 credit program Chekhov, Stanislavski, and Modern Drama. The registration CRN for this course is: 10456

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2017-08-28New course added for Fall: Part of the 8 credit program Chekhov, Stanislavski, and Modern Drama.