Changemaker Lab: Ocean Business and Science - Coral Reefs, Clams and Team Entrepreneurship

Fall 2021
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 25
16 Credits per quarter
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Marine ecosystems include some of the most biodiverse locations on our planet and also support many different business opportunities. From coral reefs to Puget Sound clam beds, these highly valued systems face a suite of different threats to their continued healthy existence. In this program we will learn about business strategies and career opportunities associated with our two targeted ecosystems: coral reefs and Puget Sound. We will discuss how the skills and knowledge gained in this program can transfer to other ecosystems and other sustainable entrepreneurial endeavors.

One element of this program is built around learning business fundamentals. You will learn how to develop a business idea from scratch and formulate a business plan supported by an effective team. We will focus on the skills needed to set-up and run real ventures such as farming shellfish, establishing research labs, cloning corals for coral reef restoration, starting scuba diving businesses, and many other possible endeavors. You will demonstrate learning by completing projects, project reports, laboratory sessions and undertake scientific research or scientific project. Your learning will be enhanced by giving and receiving 360 feedback from fellow team entrepreneurs and your Team Coach.

Students wishing to earn upper division science credits must have at least two quarters of chemistry and two quarters of biology with labs. They will develop their projects around their areas of expertise and will do their laboratory work in the Evergreen Science labs and Evergreen's beaches. Students farming clams and other sea critters on leased land or owned beachfront land may be able to perform much of their lab work at home.

The Change Maker Lab is a large team-based collaboration across three catalog descriptions: Business FundamentalsFarm/Garden, and Ocean Business/Science.  Students registered for this program are expected to participate in projects related to marine science. You will ‘train on the job’, write reports and deliver presentations about a project you choose and share knowledge from books that you choose to read. In focused groups, you will determine which aspects of marine science to examine and explore the possibilities for entrepreneurs to develop sustainable business endeavors. Those interested in Farm/Garden project work should register for the Farm/Garden program specifically.  Those wishing to pursue businesses in any other market sector, or focus mainly on the business aspects of the Farm/Garden or Ocean Business/Science projects, should register for the Business Fundamentals program here.

For more details on the Change Maker Lab, please read the Program Description for Change Maker Lab: Business Fundamentals, Team Entrepreneurship.


Fall 2021 Registration

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Jr - Sr (16): 10198

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Leadership development, marine biology, tourism, entrepreneurship and small business management.

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Class Standing

$70 in fall quarter for an incorporation fee and lab fees.

Upper Division Science Credit

Students with previous coursework in biology and chemistry will be eligible to earn up to 12 upper division science credits per quarter.


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LAB 1 043 - Class Lab


Date Revision
2021-11-05 This program is now fall quarter only (was fall-winter)