Ceramic Art Practices: Exploring the Role of the Object

Fall 2021
Winter 2022
Junior - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 16 Credits per quarter
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This studio arts program examines the role of the object in art history and contemporary artistic practice. Students will learn both sculptural and functional approaches to making ceramic artworks while combining 2- and 3-D ceramics techniques. This program is designed for beginner to intermediate students with little or no experience with ceramics and art history. Our introductory thematic focus will be on the 'still life' object: how objects reflect and represent us, embodying our tastes, values, hopes, and identities. Through lectures, readings, seminars, and critiques, we will explore how humans historically used inanimate objects to represent religious, allegorical, personal and political ideas, and how these objects and symbols impact our culture today. Through our own creative projects, we will explore the relationship between image and object and the role of the object in contemporary art.

Students will have opportunities to develop technical skills in ceramic forming, glazing, and firing techniques while learning about the history of ceramics. Each student in the program will create a series of creative works related to the object over the course of the fall and winter. This program is designed for students who have a strong work ethic, self-discipline, and who are willing to work long hours on campus in the ceramics studio. It is ideal for students who have some visual art experience in any medium and would like to apply their previous experience to making 2- and 3-D functional and sculptural ceramics pieces. Students who fully engage in the theory and practice of this program can expect to leave the program prepared for more intermediate to advanced studies in the visual arts.

This will be a hybrid program (part in-person and part remote) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to successfully participate in this hybrid learning course, students will be required to access the art studios on campus for studio workshops. A small home workspace for visual art projects is recommended but not required. The in-person studio workshops will be 50% of the program. For the other 50% (remote learning), students will need access to high-speed internet, a computer, camera (for shooting pictures of their artwork). Students can expect the remote teaching in this program to be a 20% / 80% blend of asynchronous (self-paced online/videos/readings) and synchronous (scheduled live participation) work, using Canvas and Video Conferencing (Zoom). Students will not have access to alternatives to in-person or synchronous participation in this program.

In winter quarter the program will provide the option for students to increase to 16 credits or continue at 8 credits. 


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This program will accept new students with substantive background in the following areas: visual art/design, ceramics, art history, art theory. Admittance will be based on a background of at least two quarters of college-level related experience. Interested students should contact faculty by email: Evan Blackwell (blackwee@evergreen.edu). Faculty will interview students at the Academic Fair.

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Jr - Sr (16): 20118
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art history, arts education, visual arts, and visual culture studies

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$75 fee each quarter for studio supplies and required studio fee. 


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Art Annex 1100 - Ceramics Studio
DateRevision 2021-04-15 This program is now 8 credits (was 16)