Calculus and Analytical Geometry II

Winter 2021
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
4 Credits per quarter
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Calculus and Analytical Geometry I, II, and III is a year-long sequence of courses that will provide a rigorous treatment of the procedures, concepts, and applications of differential and integral calculus, multi-dimensional space, series, introduction to differential equations, and concepts and procedures related to partial derivatives, and double integrals.  This year-long (Fall, Winter, Spring) sequence is appropriate for students who are planning to teach secondary mathematics or engage in further study in mathematics, science, or economics.

Calculus and Analytical Geometry II will be offered during winter quarter.  Calculus and Analytical Geometry II will include a rigorous study of integral calculus including techniques and applications of integration.  The course will also introduce students to differential equations.  We will engage with the content through multiple modes of inquiry and multiple (algebraic, graphical, numerical, and verbal) representations. Collaborative learning is emphasized.  If you have questions about your readiness to take this class, please contact the faculty. A graphing calculator or access to a computer algebra system is strongly recommended for the course.

Though the course will taught remotely, collaborative learning will be a fundamental component of the course.   Reliable internet access and a graphing calculator, or other graphing software, are required for the course.  Students are encouraged to have a camera-enabled device, a small dry-erase board, and markers or the ability to use the whiteboard in Zoom. Students should expect 4 hours per week of synchronous meetings using Zoom and Canvas.  Students will have access to alternatives to synchronous sessions if necessary.



Successful completion of Calculus I (differential calculus).

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Successful completion of differential calculus (calculus I) is a prerequisite for calculus II.

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Mathematics, Science, Economics, Education

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A graphing calculator is strongly recommended for the course.


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