Book Arts: Hand Bookbinding and Letterpress

Summer 2022 First Session
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 15
8 Credits per quarter
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Book Arts is a program for aspiring artists, writers, and craftspersons—and anyone who loves books. This introduction to books arts emphasizes hand-bookbinding, experimental artist's books, and letterpress printing and gives you the option to take one of these practices as your main focus.

Hand-bookbinding instruction will include traditional and modern practices of sewing and covering hard-cover or paper-wrapped books. You will learn the traditional approach to sewing on cords and wrapping a book in cloth or paper, along with the modern practice of adhesive-based supports and case-binding. You will develop proficiency with a variety of hand tools and material practices that will allow you to continue learning binding techniques independently.

Experimental artists' books instruction will allow you to see books as an expressive form latent with cultural values and formal intricacies. A series of conceptual assignments will challenge you to integrate the form and idea of the book with your own obsessions, material sensibilities, and inter-media abilities.

Letterpress instruction will offer you all the finer points of hand-setting metal type, typographic design strategies, and setting up a print job for perfect results. Letterpress is a highly-involved, time-intensive practice; after a brief introduction, you can opt in or out from further letterpress work!

Individualized portfolio development (you will build your own sequence of assignments from a menu of options) and a personal project will allow you to develop project planning skills, articulate conceptual foundations for creative work, and focus on your chosen areas of practice.

This five-week hybrid program begins with an intensive week (Monday, June 20 - Friday, June 24), each day filled with demonstrations and workshops. At the end of the week, you will make a portfolio plan and discuss with faculty how your work will proceed. You will then have optional access to your faculty and the studio on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10-4 for the following four weeks. You may also set up online consultations during those times and even choose to do the rest of your work remotely. (Students primarily interested in letterpress should plan to use as much of the available in-studio time as possible!) A final program meeting on Friday, July 22 will give us a chance to see and celebrate everyone's work.


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Fr - Sr First Session (8): 40075

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visual arts, design, library studies.

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$170 total fee: $120 for required tools and materials, $50 required studio fee

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Students will likely need to purchase additional materials specific to their own projects.


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LAB 2 0233 - Letter Press


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2022-05-04 Student fee increased to $170 (was $120)