Basic and Applied Psychology: From The Lab to Life

Fall 2021
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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Our world has become increasingly complex and fast-paced, thus placing a new importance on the big existential questions of who to be and what to do, as well as the minute-by-minute particulars of day-to-day life. Circumstances in families, workplaces, social life, and cultural contexts all require discerning awareness of nature and nurture variables regarding human motivations, thought, emotion, and action, as well as situational and environmental factors, and the means for bringing about change. In this introductory program, we will link the basics of psychology to our examination of the full spectrum of human experience, its limitations, and its potential.

This program will give you the opportunity to build the fundamental knowledge and skills regarding psychology theory and concepts (neuroscience, sensation/perception, memory, intelligence, human development, personality, social psychology, etc.), as well as the opportunity to begin developing your own applied “theoretical orientation” of human psychology, and to test it against the ideas of great scientists in the field. We will view psychological science in relation to our own lives and to our immediate community, while also seeing the application to the larger world. You should leave this program not only knowing yourself and others more accurately, but also understand how to “make sense” of life in more optimal ways. This program is relevant for careers in psychology, sociology, education, media, journalism, government, criminal justice, and law. Credits may be awarded in Introduction to Psychology, Community Psychology, and Theories of Counseling.

To successfully participate in this program students need a computer and internet access. Students should expect 8 hours of Canvas and Zoom work, including live hangouts and seminars as well as videos. Students will have access to alternatives to synchronous (in person or remote) participation if conditions require.


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Psychology, sociology, education, medicine, media, journalism, government, criminal justice, law

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