Audio Post Production for Film and Television

Summer 2021 Full Session
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 18
16 Credits per quarter
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This course will cover the fundamental elements of producing, designing, and editing sound for the moving image. Students will learn the basics of audio recording, editing, and using the multi-track software Pro Tools. Topics to be covered include microphone applications, experimental recording techniques, application of audio effects, and building creative layers of sound to create an impactful design. We will be screening, studying, and critically analyzing the historical to present-day works of sound in the moving image. We will also complete weekly practices for Foley footsteps, dialogue replacement, and creative sound design that will be the building blocks towards your final projects for the second session. 

The second half of this course is dedicated to post-production using Foley techniques and field recordings to capture original audio clips. Each student will be assigned a 1-minute sound design project and will be required to mix and reproduce the dialogue, Foley, effects, and music. Collaborative work is expected and can be done remotely by sharing media files online with classmates. Instruction, screening, and critique will continue to happen throughout the second session.

Our work will be conducted remotely, using Canvas and Zoom. The faculty will offer alternative assignments if conditions or illness prevent students from accessing our synchronous meetings, which will allow students to earn comparable credit.


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Full Session (16): 40030

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Audio Engineering, Sound Design, Foley, Postproduction Audio, Rerecording Mixing, Sound Editing.

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Pro Tools - $99

iLok Cloud Account


  • Hardware Requirements - Mac:  Intel Core i5 processor or higher, 16GB RAM (32GB recommended), 15GB disk space
  • Hardware Requirements - PC:  Intel Core i5 processor or higher, 16GB RAM (32GB recommended), 15GB disk space
  • OS Requirements - Mac: macOS 10.13.6 to 10.15.5 (Catalina 10.15.4 not supported)
  • OS Requirements - PC: Windows 10 or later



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