Astronomy Research: Astronomy Group Contract

Summer 2020 Full Session
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 17
4 Credits per quarter
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 In addition to summer stargazing adventures, astronomy fieldwork, and studies in science, story, and sustainability, The Institute for Student Astronomical Research (InStAR) is hosting a 4-credit hybrid online research seminar for Evergreen students who want to participate in advanced astronomy research. Projects can include binary star research, exoplanets, or variable stars. To be successful, students must complete the InStAR online coursework and demonstrate their understanding of scientific and astronomical research methods. They must work as a team to select a binary star or other target, write a proposal, conduct observations with a remotely-located robotic telescope, analyze data, write a peer-reviewed scientific paper for publication in the  Journal of Double Star Observations (JDSO), Astronomy, Theory, Observations, and Methods Journal (ATOM),  or Robotic Telescope Student Research and Education Journal (RTSRE). They will also give a public presentation of their findings. Students will meet on campus and work online and remotely with Rachel Freed, Ph.D. Candidate, Astronomy Education, Russell Genet, Ph.D., Research Advisor, Evergreen faculty, and Greener Grads who have successfully completed the program.  Students who demonstrate advanced work can earn upper-division credit. 

Interested students should see the listing for Astronomy: Stars and Stories for course registration numbers (CRNs). Students can register for the 4-credit (research only) or 12-credit (research plus Astronomy & Cosmology program) options. 


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astronomy, education, public programs and interpretive work (museums, parks, observatories, outdoor education, and leadership), writing, literature, philosophy, cultural studies, mythology, storytelling, scientific research and writing, sustainability studies, cultural and community studies, environmental policy, and the arts.  

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$350 for binary star research module and text

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Upper-division credit may be available


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